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GTA fans reveal GTA V map in its entirety


Looks like there will be a lot of driving…

After a good couple months of teasing snippets and fragments of the San Andreas map for Rockstar’s upcoming title, it looks like the map has finally come to fruition. The blueprints have teased most of the updated San Andreas but this full map is a real doozy to look at.

Yep, it’s a big one. Before this current iteration, the largest GTA map was the original San Andreas back on the PS2 which clocked in at 13.9 square miles (or 36 square kilometres for our imperial folk). As you can see we’ve already got GTA mainstay such as the large airport in the south-west corner and the vast sprawling city. To the north we will find quite wide contour lines, which could mean some of those incredible mountain’s we’ve seen in the trailers and screenshots.

A few have speculated the shape of the map looks very much like the side-on profile of a man’s face, but who’s no one knows? Or it could be a simple case of Pareidolia. Regardless, the map is huge and probably expands further than GTA IV’s Liberty City or even the classic recreation of Los Angeles in LA Noire.

Speaking of LA Noire, a very creative person at E3 Insider posted a video mashing up the audio from the original GTA V teaser and footage from LA Noire to create a vintage look at the sunshine state you’ve never seen before.


The map has been revealed as a fan-made creation pieced together from the original snippets. It is not the final map and Rockstar have yet to confirm the size or shape of the real map.

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