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Rockstar delivers new batch of Grand Theft Auto V screenshots

Rockstar Games has recently published ten new screenshots of the highly anticipated Grand Theft Auto V, depicting in-game scenes from the game including impressive sunsets, volatile rainstorms, skydiving, scuba diving, and more.

In a recent NewsWire post, Rockstar Games has bestowed ten new screenshots of their hotly anticipated fifth chapter in the fan-favorite Grand Theft Auto franchise, showing of many of the game's impressive photogenic environments and features.

The screenshots take viewers across the sprawling vistas of Los Santos, from a wondrous sunset that paints a metropolis skyline to a pier that's wracked with churning seas during a violent thunderstorm.

The gallery displays a variety of lighting effects and gives a nice preview of the game's impressive and dynamic environments, showcasing day and night scenes that reveal the fruits of Rockstar's toiling labor.

The new screens aren't just about the game's visual splendor; some of them show off a few of the unique in-game features that players can take advantage of in Grand Theft Auto V, including skydiving through the clouds and scuba diving under the sea.

Additionally, we also see Franklin wreaking havoc across the streets of Los Santos with a huge mini-gun, leaving fiery mayhem in his wake. In true traditional GTA style, we return to the skies on a police helicopter in pursuit of one of our protagonists during a nightly high-speed chase.

Before these new screens were release, Rockstar has been keeping quiet about Grand Theft Auto V and has yet to release any new information. The developers have actually apologized about their silence on the highly anticipated title, and this new array of visuals is a reconciliatory gesture toward their fans, who were displeased with the game's release being pushed back to September.

Hopefully we'll see a few new trailers and more info about GTA V in the future, but until then we'll have to make do with Rockstar's growing gallery of screenshots. Be sure to visit the NewsWire post for a full gallery of the new screenshots.  Grand Theft Auto V is slated for release on Sept. 17, 2013 for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

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