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Rockmelt is a fast and beautiful news aggregator, now available on the Play Store

Adding to the already existing apps such as Pulse, Flipboard and the likes is new comer Rockmelt. The new app hopes to woo you with its speed and good looks. Check it out to see if you’re impressed.


Rockmelt is a new aggregator app for Android 4.0 and upwards devices. You’ve probably stumbled upon such apps like StumbleUpon (that wasn’t intentional), Pulse, Feedly, Flipboard, Google Currents and many more (the list goes on), and to add to this list is a new app titled Rockmelt.

Rockmelt puts the best of the web, news, and blogs at your fingertips – now completely customized for Android phones and tablets. Personalize Rockmelt to discover and share the most viral, newsworthy, cute, interesting, and otherwise awesome stuff.

Initially being offered as a social web browser based on Mozilla’s Firefox, the iOS version of the app has already been available for quite some time. With a Pinterest/Google Now like card layout and fast browsing speeds, Rockmelt hopes to woo away users from competing apps with their free (and ad-free) service.

Rockmelt makes the web:
-Faster: Renders stories, pictures, and videos quickly
-More beautiful: Streams image-rich content, infinitely
-Personalized: Pushes your favorite content to you, makes it easy for you to discover more sites to love, and easily add in your own sites
-Ad free: Read your favorite sites in clean, ad-free reader view
-More searchable: Search the web and all your own sources at the same time for perfect, personalized results
-Timely: Be the first to discover viral news and more
-Social: Discover great content and share it with friends within and outside of Rockmelt – post to Facebook, Twitter, and beyond

So what are you waiting for? Check out Rockmelt on Google Play Store by hitting the source link below.

Source: Rockmelt on Google Play Store

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