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Rocket League Update Adds New Game Mode

Rocket League receives the Drop Shot update.

Rocket League is a game all about playing multiplayer soccer with rocket-powered cars, and today, it expands with a free update that adds a brand new game-mode, as well as other minor changes and bug fixes. The focus of the update is Drop Shot, a game mode in which you play in a hexagonal arena without any fixed scoring areas or goals. The aim of the Drop Shot is to smash the ball into your opponent’s side of the arena and thus make pieces of the floor fall away. This is the latest non-traditional game mode for Rocket League, following a basketball-like mode called Hoops, and Rumble, which gives your car super powers.

Rocket League has a lot going for it, and one very nice choice made by designers Psyonix is that their paid content is entirely cosmetic. Any significant changes to the game, such as new game modes, will always be free (or at least have been up until now). This means that players who are heavily invested in the game, and probably would be willing to shell out a few extra bucks for a decorative paint job, can do so, but it won’t give them an unfair game play advantage, or split the player base between those willing to buy extra game modes, and those who only want to pay for the base game.

The new Core 707 arena.

Since the update is dropping around Easter, you can also look forward to receiving random pieces of Easter flare during play, such as bunny ears and egg baskets to decorate your car with. In addition, there are bug fixes to the game, as well as a new Drop Shot specific arena called Core 707. New achievements are also available, as well as small changes to the user interaction and to game play. One change for example is seen in multiplayer lobbies. If all players in a match dislike a certain map, it will never reappear in the playlist.

Finally, the third season of competitive Rocket League has ended, and the fourth season is now starting, with the Grand Champion title being harder to achieve than in the previous season. An Esports button has also appeared in the menu, which will bring you directly to live twitch streams of Rocket League matches.

source: Psyonix

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  1. Personally I have been waiting for New Game Mode in Rocket League for a long time.

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