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RIM to unveil a new BlackBerry phone today?

Well, it seems that the good folks over at Research In Motion has got something interesting lined up for the world today. And apparently, the excitement over at RIM is so great that the company cannot resist teasing its fans with a cryptic hint of they can expect to see unveiled in the later part of the day. Which brings us back to the question: what could RIM possibly have up its sleeves that can be described as "shiny, new, and social all over"? Could it be…?

Now this has got to be interesting. Apparently, Research In Motion has posted an update on its Facebook page claiming that they have plans to introduce what appears to be a new product in the later part of the day. However, just like any good company out there, RIM is delibretely holding back information about this alleged new product, prefering instead to tease its fans with a cryptic hint of what apparently best describes its new release: "Shiny, new and social all over".

Of course, with a hint as broad as this, guessing the right answer is definitely not going to be easy, although Engadget has speculated that RIM might be planning to release a BlackBerry Torch 2, or even a Bold Touch, which has been touted to be a "phone of many flavors". Then again, it is also entirely possible that RIM might end up announcing some other unheard-of product that will apparently be optimized for use with popular online social networking services, considering how the company did mention that the new product will be 'social' in nature.

That being said, Engadget has also claimed that it would be great if BlackBerry's new product is "not just another phone with a Facebook button", a sentiment which we cannot help but share as well.

Source: BlackBerry Facebook via Engadget

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