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RIM rumoured to be working on ‘Blackpad’

If news about HP’s WePad and Lenovo’s recently-confirmed LePad has not been enough to get you interested in the developments going on in the tablet space, perhaps RIM’s rumoured ‘Blackpad’ would. And it is not just the name that is going to raise some eyebrows.

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Now that Apple has had a successful pad offering for the masses, it would seem that just about every other manufacturer wants in on the elusive pad market. After all, HP has their WePad, and Lenovo has recently confirmed an upcoming Android device it calls the LePad.

And when one has Android competing in the tablet space, it was only a matter of time before Research In Motion (RIM) decided to join in the competition. And the tentative name for Blackberry’s tablet offering? The ‘Blackpad’.

According to a Bloomberg report, RIM’s Blackpad, as its name suggests, will be running on the still-unreleased Blackberry OS 6 operating system, and will feature the Blackberry’s enterprise email capabilities, thus making it very well suited for the corporate user.

However, it seems that the Blackpad will also come with a few more features which are conveniently absent from Apple’s iPad. Examples of such features include dual cameras (both front and rear)for image capturing and video conferencing, and the ability to pair up a Blackberry via Bluetooth for shared 3G connectivity.

Of course, being a latecomer to the competition means that RIM is not going to have it easy: in addition to the iPad’s huge success, the company also has to contend with other potential competitors such as those running on the Android and WebOS platforms. And while Microsoft’s Windows 7 and Windows Phone 7 operating systems may appear to be out of contention in the tablet race, one can never write off the Redmond giant with any measure of certainty. After all, this is the very company which floundered with the first-generation Xbox and Windows Vista, only to come back stronger than ever with the Xbox 360 and Windows 7.

However, RIM does have one key advantage over its rivals, and that is its enterprise-oriented features which are popular with the corporate sector. And with the Blackpad slated to run on Blackberry OS 6, it is entirely possible that RIM could seize the corporate tablet market all for itself, a market which has yet to see any action from other tablet makers save for HP. But we will have to wait and see.

Source: Ars Technica

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