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Rhinotech Computer’s TB-91 tablet PC To Make An Appearance In Computex 2011

Fancy a Windows-powered tablet in 2011? Rhinotech could do just that, if you don’t mind the fact that it is Windows XP powering that device and not Windows 7. The Taiwanese ODM has just announced that it will be showcasing its TB-91 tablet PC at next year’s Computex trade show at Taipei.

Just when you thought that Windows XP was all ready to die a quiet death now that Windows 7 has been a major success for Microsoft, out comes an ODM with a tablet running on the now-ancient OS in an attempt to breath more life into an operating system that should have been all but dead and buried after its 10 years of life. Come Computex next year, a slate PC running on Windows XP will be unveiled by a Taiwanese ODM known as Rhinotech Computer Co. Ltd.

According to Rhinotech, the TB-91 tablet will sport a VIA C7 M processor clocked at 1.6GHz, while the 12-inch touchscreen display used for the TB-91 will be based on the older resistive touch technology, so multitouch is definitely out of the question. That being said, Rhinotech claims that the TB-91’s screen makes use of a certain panel which ensures that users can view the tablet’s onscreen contents even under bright sunlight, thus making it suitable for use under outdoor conditions. In addition, the TB-91 is built to handle some degree of abuse: the specifications listed on Rhinotech’s state that the TB-91 sports a waterproof front panel, while the rest of the body is vibration and shock-proof.

Of course, it is not a tablet PC if it does not have a variety of connectivity options available: the TB-91 comes standard with networking features typical of existing slate PCs in the market, such as a WiFi and Bluetooth, while GPS, HSDPA and GRPS are available as add-on modules. Last but definitely not least, the presence of the x86 VIA C7 M processor in the TB-91 means that the tablet can be upgraded to Windows 7 if the need to do so ever arises.

Not that this is a problem though: Rhinotech has already confirmed that the TB-91 will fully support the Windows 7 family of OSes, which also includes the Embedded varients of the operating system.

Source: Computex

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