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Review: The Last of Us (PS3)


I have not yet had the chance to fully test out the multiplayer features in The Last of Us, so this section will be brief. The Last of Us’ multiplayer is called “factions” and while essentially being two variations on Team Deathmatch, is structured in a unique way. You pick one of two factions, Hunters or Fireflies, and will stay with this faction until the end of the multiplayer game’s story (yes, it has a story). Your objective is to build and grow a clan of survivors by duking it out against other teams in multiplayer matches.


Roast your friends in Multiplayer

While the multiplayer initially resembles most other multiplayer games, the lack of ammo and non-regenerative health will force, much like in the single player game, a stealthy and cautious approach to combat. It’s a refreshing change from the run and gun multiplayers we’re used to seeing. In addition, the grow-a-clan meta game will often ask you to complete specific objectives while in a match and looting supply crates are a constant task to occupy yourself with.

None of the multiplayer modes involve the infected and there is no co-op. The lack of a horde mode is perhaps most surprising, considering how perfect the infected would be for the job, but I guess Naughty Dog felt it was too obvious.

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