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Review : Sharkoon X-Tatic SX & X-Tatic SP headsets

Sharkoon supplies the X-Tatic SP headset in a black cardboard box much similar to the box of the X-Tatic SX headset, with a large cut on the front side which reveals the entire headset behind a clear plastic cover when the cover is lifted. The cover only partially covers the front side of the box. A large graphic is printed on the cover.

Inside the box and aside from the headset itself you will also find a number of cables, the detachable omni-directional microphone and a small but precise connection guide. The two cables are a microphone link for the XBOX 360 controller and an adapter cable which converts the 3.5” stereo plug to left and right RCA audio connectors with passthrough.

The X-Tatic SP is physically identical to the X-Tatic SX headset, except from the colors theme. It is a sizable U shape design stereo headset with a very well padded, soft headband which can be expanded by 3.5cm on each side. Sharkoon made this headset mostly black with a few blue/glossy highlights, obviously for the headset to match the Sony Playstation 3 color theme.

The ear cups are once again large, since they are housing the exact same 40mm drivers as the ones seen on the X-Tatic SX headset. While very comfortable, the soft cloth ear cushions also let in most of the external noise. Unless the volume is relatively high you will be able to hear what is happening around you, which can be a disadvantage if you are gaming in a noisy environment but also very practical if you do not want to be completely cut off from the real world while using these headphones.

The omni-directional microphone of this headset is very lightweight and has a very flexible stem but is also can be removed which is convenient when you are not planning to use the headset for chatting.

An in-line amplifier can be found on the cable of the X-Tatic SP, controlling a number of features. Unfortunately it also adds a lot of weight on the cable itself and it is a little heavier than the amplifier of the X-Tatic SX headset. The large switch at the front of the amplifier is merely a microphone mute switch, handy for when you need to turn off your microphone quickly.

By turning the amplifier to the left side you can find a volume control rheostat and a switch allowing you to choose the compatibility of the headset between PS3/PC mode and XBOX 360 mode.

On the right side of the amplifier you will find a microphone volume control rheostat and an input jack for the XBOX 360 controller adapter.

Due to the weight of the amplifier, Sharkoon had to place a small adjustable clip on the cable close to the ear cups. This way you can clip the cable on your clothes if (when) the weight of the cable feels uncomfortable.

At the end of the 3.7 meters long, heavy main cable you will find two connectors. The green 3.5mm jack is the standard stereo connection for PC while the USB connector is being used both for power and for the microphone when connected to a Playstation 3 or a PC. Note that it is compulsory to plug in the USB connector for the headset to operate under any circumstances!

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