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Review: Lenovo Thinkpad SL410 business notebook

At first glance, the SL410 looks almost identical to its predecessors; a trait well-known in the ThinkPad family due to its consistent design over the years. However, the SL410 also makes a break from tradition with its unusual glossy finish, giving it a more modern and appealing look.

Connectivity-wise, the SL410 does not disappoint: on the right side sits the optical drive, two USB ports and the charging socket, along with the hardware switch for the notebook’s wireless communication devices and an SD card reader. The socket for the Kensington lock is also inconspicuously situated above the charging socket.

The left side houses some of the more important I/O ports for the business user: there’s a VGA-out, an eSATA/USB combination port, an Ethernet port and lastly, a HDMI-out port. The exhaust vent is also present here.

Lastly, we move on to the notebook’s rear: there’s an additional USB port situated behind the notebook, and the battery sits flush with the overall construction of the Thinkpad.

It was also at this point where we discovered one aspect of the SL410 which did not sit well with us: its bulkiness. While it might not be immediately noticeable because of the slanted base, it’s still rather thick for a notebook, and with Lenovo claiming an approximate weight of about 5.1lbs (or 2.3kg), the SL410 feels a tad too thick and heavy for a portable machine: you will probably be better off propping this notebook on a desk and leaving it there than lugging it around.

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