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Review: DmC: Devil May Cry (PC)


Devil May Cry’s gameplay is quite engaging, and keeps you coming back for more, despite occasionally being close to slipping into repetitiveness. Being a hack and slash game, you’ll spend the entirety of the game running from place to place and killing demons with your various weapons, including, among a few others, your sword, demonic axe, angelic scythe (I like to keep it next to where my heart used to be), and his famous dual pistols named Ebony and Ivory. You’ll receive new weapons as the game progresses, and unlock new modes for each (such as the scythe and axe’s grappling hook functions).

You’ll run and jump through the game world, but as obstacles become more difficult, you’ll employ newly discovered powers and frequently manipulate the environment using your various weapons and attacks. This can mean grappling onto a part of a building and pulling it towards you to create a ledge, or using your angelic powers to increase jump distance. These platforming segments are a lot of fun and successfully save the game from becoming an all too repetitive exercise in running from room to room and killing everything inside (even though that feeling does creep up on you occasionally).


Trouble brewing as enemies spawn to stop Dante in his tracks


The weapons all have a slew of different attacks which can be learned by upgrading your skill set with skill points. The skill points are earned for killing stylishly and for collecting certain in game items, and can be used for upgrades when passing an in-game store (in the form of a statue) or between missions.


The combat has a somewhat high learning curve, throwing plenty of weapons at you within the first few missions and then letting you learn how to use them as you go on. However, the game is also very forgiving, allowing you to survive with complex or simplistic kills alike. For those who have mastered the many available combos, the game allows for some stunning action.


Whenever you enter a combat area and begin killing, you’ll see a point counter in the upper right corner. Varying your attacks and stringing together impressive combos will raise your grade for the battle, from D through A and further into S and SSS ranks. Getting hit will quickly throw your grade down a few notches, so it’s best to keep agile.

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