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Review: DmC: Devil May Cry (PC)


Dante reveals that he has been in Limbo before, and he has fought demons before as well. When he finally emerges victorious, Kat, who has been following and guiding Dante from the real world, takes him to see the Order, a group of supposed terrorists. In fact, the Order is not a terrorist organization, but rather a small group of people who have grown aware of Mundus’ presence and schemes and is trying to stop him. Leading the Order is Vergil, who older DmC fans will remember is Dante’s brother. He is indeed Dante’s brother in this game as well, only, Dante can’t remember this. He can’t remember his childhood at all.

Dante, meeting Vergil for the first time


Vergil takes him to a mansion where they used to live, and as Dante explores it and its Limbo counterpart, he begins to remember who he is. His father, Sparda, was a demon and Mundus’ right hand man. Sparda fell in love with an angel, Eva. When Mundus found out about this Shakespearian love-affair, he killed Eva, ripping her heart out, and banished Sparda to an eternity of pain and suffering. Sparda and Eva’s two boys, Dante and Vergil, escaped Mundus’ clutches, and were hidden away in the human world with no memory of their past lives.


Fittingly, as Dante and Vergil are half demons-half angels, they are the only ones capable of destroying Mundus. Once Dante learns of his past, he vows to join his brother and take down the demon king…


Mundus, making a threatening phonecall to the President


The plot will keep you interested and the writing and humor is good fun, so you’ll no doubt be entertained, but I can’t say the plot is particularly deep. Dante’s character though, is surprisingly deep. His personality exudes arrogance and bravado whenever he faces an enemy, often spewing catchphrase worthy material or just moving or emoting in a way that makes him into a complete badass. What’s surprising is that when he isn’t engaged in battle; when he is talking with Vergil or Kat for example, he seems like a much more caring and level headed person.


 There is a glimmer of humanity, of real personality in him that cares for others and shows concerns for them. Much of this is thanks to the superbly animated character models, which express clearly, even minor emotions. For a game about slamming demons in the face with a giant sword it’s very nice to see focus (albeit slight focus) on making characters into more than cartoony caricatures of what a hero should be like.

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