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Review: DmC: Devil May Cry (PC)


DmC: Devil May Cry takes place in an alternate version of the Devil May Cry universe. A lot of common themes, names and characters from previous games will pop up throughout the story, but the plot is completely new, and the characters are largely redone.

The game opens with Dante, a young and rowdy man, living a high life filled with women and booze, in a modern city called Limbo City. The city, unbeknownst to the population, is controlled by demons under the rule of the demon king Mundus, who is operating in the city in human disguise and going by the name of Kyle Ryder, a ruthless and powerful banker. Mundus’ goal is to control humanity through debt. He keeps the population of his city docile and complacent to his goals through three primary means: Raptor News, a corrupt news network which broadcasts propaganda and bias to the population; a grid of security cameras to maintain watch over the streets; and finally, a soft drink called Virility, which is spiked with drugs to dull the mind; a liquid lobotomy, to quote the game.


Dante with his new looks, and companion Kat


You will tell quite early on then, that the game has a heavy political undertone. Government surveillance, the debt crisis and the ignorance (or complacency) of the general population is central to the theme. Since this is a game focused on action, it never really delves too deeply into these subjects beyond pointing them out, but it still makes for an unexpectedly topical plot.


Dante is as unaware of the city’s predicament as the rest of the population, and he lives his life from a trailer situated on a pier next to the city’s carnival. Mundus, on the other hand, is very much aware of Dante. Dante poses a threat to him and so he sends a hunter demon, a massive ugly beast of a thing, to kill him. A young woman named Kat warns Dante of this a mere seconds before he is discovered by the hunter demon and dragged into Limbo; a mysterious parallel world in which the laws of physics are more like suggestions and which Dante cannot escape from until the hunter demon is destroyed.

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