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Review: Call of Duty Black Ops: Declassified (Vita)


Being shot by the enemies is a problem all it's own; the difficulty settings in Declassified are challenging to say the least. I usually play Call of Duty on the hardest setting (veteran), but I found this to be next to impossible on the Vita. The small screen makes aiming slightly more difficult than on the PS3 (especially in areas where you have to mind your aim and not kill hostages, which are moronically placed between you and the enemy). More problematic than this though, is that being shot knocks your aim off target, and it does so faster than you can compensate with the analog stick. This means that unless you kill the enemy before they fire a shot, you've got no chance of taking them out unless you duck behind cover and wait for them to reload. Being a long time FPS player, this is actually unintuitive, because I'm used to fighting, rather than running away. This leads to a lot of deaths, and… a lot of times replaying entire missions over and over again.

As great as the Vita's screen is, you're still shooting at tiny people, no getting around that


Apart from the recoil of being shot though, the controls in general work well. The dual analoges of the Vita, once more, garners a lot of praise. Aim controls are a bit sluggish vertically, but horizontally, which you will be doing more of, quite frankly, are responsive and easy to use. The button layout is essentially the same as you would find on the PS3, which makes it easy to jump into the game. The use of the touch screen for throwing frags, flashbangs and knifing however, is less of a wise choice, as it happens from time to time that I've pressed the wrong part of the screen in the heat of battle, or even when attempting to reload.

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