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Review: BioShock 2 (PS3)

“Awwww, isn’t she cute? Don’t you want to play Big Daddy to Little Sister?”

The dense emotional atmosphere of Bioshock 2 came as a bit of shock, really, as I am a newbie to the underwater world of Rapture. There is a brooding melancholy as you wonder around Rapture’s (mostly) deserted streets and dilapidated sights.

You play as a specific Big Daddy, a giant in an armoured diving suit that you can think of as Iron Man too — or more of a War Machine. To cut a long story short, Big Daddy is on a mission to rescue Eleanor, formerly a Little Sister hailing from the original Bioshock.

So off Big Daddy — aka you — lumbers into the 1950s Americana-infested Rapture armed with not just an entire Wal-mart of weapons, but also scary can-join-the-X-men superpowers.

Called Plasmids, these powers enable you to life things with the power of your mind, and do brutal things to enemies: Burn, freeze, electrify or even hypnotize them.

But just because you’re an armoured dude with scary super powers right out a comic book, and loaded with an array of heavy weapons like a spear gun, a machine gun or a massive freaking drill, it doesn’t mean that the game is a walkover.

It may not be a 20-megapixel camera, but it can sure hack it as a security device.

Ostensibly a first person shooter, Bioshock 2 demands much more from the average gamer. You struggle constantly with the juggling act of keeping your super powers — aka plasmids —refilled with EVE, the energy that keeps the powers active.

Run out of EVE, and you’re down to your physical weapons. Run out of ammo, and you have only your trusty drill to bash your way through.

To make things even more tricky, you are expected to shoot enemies with a special camera — for research purposes — even as they leap to attack. Of course, the research pays off in the end as you will unlock bonus abilities against each specific type of foe.

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