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Review: ASUS O!Play Mini Plus

The package consisted of:

  • Quick Start Guide
  • Composite A/V Cable
  • HDMI Cable
  • Power Supply (with two heads – two pin round or three prong squared)
  • Optical CD-ROM
  • O!Play Mini Plus

Pictured above you see the USB port, SD Card slot, a lighted power LED and the infra-red remote sensor just below the Asus logo.



At the rear of the unit you find the power socket, ethernet port, combo USB & external SATA port, HDMI, AV (Composite and Left/Right Audio) and the SPDIF Optical audio port.

There’s not much to tell with the cabling. Plug the power in, LAN cable and HDMI cable. Use the remote, which requires 2-AAA batteries, to switch on the Mini Plus. The ASUS logo will appear on screen for a short time after which a seven item circular menu that you can navigate using the remote.



I like my connectivity to be physically wired so it was an easy setup – plug in the included HDMI, power and Ethernet network cable. The inclusion of an HDMI cable is a nice touch for you not having to think about added cost to getting the device installed.

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