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Review : Akasa Helix Notebook Cooler

Test system specifications and cooling performance


HP ProBook 4320S 13.3” Notebook

  • CPU : Intel Core i3 380M
  • RAM : 4GB DDR3 RAM
  • GPU : Radeon HD 5470
  • HDD : WD Scorpio Blue 320GB


In order to examine the cooling performance of the Akasa Helix Notebook Cooler, we used two external thermal probes alongside taking readings from the in-die probe the CPU has. We placed one of these probes at the bottom side of the notebook where the intake vents for the CPU cooler are, and the second probe at the exhaust vents found at the rear side of the notebook. We ran PC Mark Vantage into loops for one hour before taking load readings. The notebook is powered by its A/C charger and is set to performance mode during all of the testing.

From the above results we can see that there is a small but definite improvement on the overall thermal performance of our notebook while using this cooler. The operational temperature of the notebook was lowered by several degrees, although the difference between running the fan at full and at half speed was negligible.

The 20cm cooling fan is absolutely quiet when running at low speed. A slight hum is audible when the fan is running at full speed but you would need to be inside a very quiet room to even be able to discern it from the ambient noise. A large fan like this one requires a lot of power though; while running at full speed, the fan reduced the battery life of our notebook by 30-35%. We hardly believe that this is a problem though, because long term and heavy use of a notebook warrants the use of its AC power adapter.

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