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Review : Akasa Helix Notebook Cooler

The Akasa Helix is a simple but good looking cooling pad almost entirely made out of aluminium. We received the black version of the cooler but Akasa also offers the same product in silver. The surface of the Helix is remarkably scratch-resistant but it is not impervious to damage, sharp and/or heavy objects or mishandling can still leave a scar on the smooth surface of the cooler.  

Akasa opted to install handles on their latest notebook coolers for easy handling. Both sides of the aluminium body are cut and plastic handles are installed.

The raised rubber supports are an easy and convenient, even if a little crude way to secure the notebook onto the cooler.

The massive 20cm fan can be seen at the rear of the Helix. It is installed inside a massive plastic frame which is attached to the aluminium body of the cooler with four rubber anti-vibration mounts. Four anti skid rubber pads can be seen placed at the four bottom edges of the cooler.

Hidden under the right side of the cooler, the power cable connector for the fan and its speed control switch can be found. The speed control switch only has two settings, low and high. There is no switch to turn the fan off but you can always just remove its USB power cable.

Akasa indicates that this cooler is designed for 15.6” to 17” notebooks; our 13.3” notebook however sits on the Helix just fine and you can actually use the handles to move both the cooler and the notebook. A small design flaw became apparent though; our 13.3” notebook was slightly tall and the rubber supports were not high enough to touch the front of its body, going beneath the notebook which was perfectly secure only when its rubber feet met with the rubber supports.

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