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Reversible USB cables may be shipped with upcoming Apple mobile devices

It is possible that Apple may ship USB cables that are reversible on both ends with upcoming mobile devices like the iPhone 6.


Apple’s Lightning cable, which replaced the old 30 pin dock connector cables, is reversible on one end. While it still has a conventional USB plug, the other end is reversible meaning that there is technically no wrong way of plugging that end into the device. However users have to fumble with the conventional USB plug which can only be plugged into a wall port, charging adapter and into a computer in one certain way.

However a picture has been posted online by Sonny Dickson, an Australian teenager who gained popularity last year for leaking many pictures of the new iPhones and iPads, which shows off a Lightning cable that’s reversible on both ends.

Last year a patent filed by Apple was discovered which detailed the company’s work on a reversible USB cable. The patent said that this invention would be compatible with current or future electronic device made by Apple. Judging by the photo it looks like Apple is going to use thinner pins that will be placed in the middle, adequate space on both sides will ensure that the connector can easily be plugged in even in hard to reach places or in low light.

Apple is destined to make an announcement for new iPhones next month and if this Lightning cable is real, then it is possible that the company may unveil it during the event in September.

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