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Retina iPad mini release reportedly delayed due to LCD burn-in problems

The delay in Retina iPad mini release is reportedly due to display panel problems, particularly due to LCD burn-in issues on panels made by Sharp.


Much has already been written about the delayed release of the Retina iPad mini. Apple is yet to announce when it intends to release the tablet. Analysts believe that supplies of the tablet are going to be extremely tight throughout the remainder of this year, they expect supplies to pick up in Q1, 2014. That might be possible, seeing as how Apple is expected to tap another Taiwan based manufacturer to produce iPad mini units next year. The delay in Retina iPad mini release has long been associated with poor yields of display panels, and a new report claims that it just might be due to LCD burn-in problems with Sharp’s display panels. Sharp is one of the major suppliers of display panels for the Retina iPad mini.

The report claims that Sharp’s TFT or thin-film transistor is causing burn-in on an unknown number of panels. While it is said that the LCD burn-in is not visible to the naked eye, meaning that the average customer won’t be able to discern it, the panels are not acceptable to Apple due to its high standards for the Retina display. The report further says that Apple has turned towards Samsung to obtain panels for the Retina iPad mini, just to cater to the tablet’s demand.

This latest report reiterates a recent rumor that Apple is turning to Samsung once again for display panels. While Sharp isn’t the biggest supplier, it supposedly provides 40 percent of the panels. So one can understand why supply constraints are likely to be witnessed upon release. Even though Samsung has reportedly been brought onboard, its not expected to ship panels until next year, which means that Retina iPad mini supply might remain tight throughout the holiday season.

Source: ET News

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