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Retina iPad Mini may be thicker than current model

Rumors of the revised iPad Mini having a Retina display have been floating around for a while, but, along with the increase in resolution, some recently leaked pictures of the new Mini’s shell is suggesting that the inclusion of a Retina display will bump up the tablet's thickness as well.

A plausible scenario to explain as to why the revised iPad Mini requires a thicker profile is that the addition of the Retina display increases power consumption, therefore, a larger battery is needed.  Additionally, the new Minis may also come in a variety of colors, similar to the selections that are available from the iPod line.

Along with what seems to be a dimension and weight increase, the iPad Mini with Retina may also cost 30% more than previous gen Mini’s.  When the iPad Mini launched, many seemed to think that Apple was trying to become more appealing to budget-conscious tablet lovers, but if the rumors of a jacked up price tag for the next Mini is true then all that consumer friendly notions may have just been tossed out of the window.

Most are expecting the Retina iPad Mini along with the new iPad to drop some time in the 3rd or 4th quarter of 2013. 

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