Resident Evil 5, first released in 2009, lacked the fear factor that was found in Resident Evil 4. The next installment, Resident Evil 6, is expected to meet the expectations of fans with more horror elements and is set to be announced during the upcoming TGS (Tokyo Game Show).

The image above was posted in HellDescent forum taken by user "akiraodasan". It is reported that the above slide was shown during one of the Capcom press conference at San Diego Comic-con and more details of the game will be released during the upcoming TGS (Tokyo Game Show) on 15 September this year. 

Fans will also be delighted to know that Resident 6 is rumoured to be a complete overhaul and will feature more horror elements instead of the action-packed Resident Evil 5. 

Source: Fudzilla, HellDescent Forum