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Report: Gigabyte X79 Plug-Fest OC Event @ KL, Malaysia

Last weekend, tech media outlets like VR-Zone and other ASEAN-based overclockers were invited to attend the Gigabyte X79 Plug-Fest OC event which was held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Besides introducing their latest range of Gigabyte X79 motherboards for the new Socket 2011 chips, Liquid Nitrogen was provided for those in attendance to push the limits of the latest Intel Sandy Bridge-E processors at sub-zero temperatures.

Gigabyte X79 Plug-Fest – Various tech journalists and expert overclockers from Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand and Philippines

Gigabyte Taiwan Product Development Manager, Mr. Hunter Lee giving a product briefing before the overclocking session.


Gigabyte's X79 motherboard lineup catered to the different types of users


For their X79 boards, Gigabyte have finally opted to switch to a fully digital VRM implementation for more precise power control and regulation which should help component stability during overclocking.


Also making its debut on Gigabyte X79 boards is their "Patent Pending" UEFI Bios to give end users a more modern and verbose interface to tune and adjust traditional BIOS options.


One exclusive feature on the higher end Gigabyte X79 boards is the inclusion of a "Bluetooth 4.0 + Wifi" PCIe x1 expansion card for faster syncing with your new fangled handheld devices.


Gigabyte also showed off their mobile apps which will we should see in the Apple iOS App store soon.

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