AMD's extraordinary schedule for June kicks off at Computex 2011, Taipei, where AMD A-Series will be announced, alongwith the VISION 2011 branding. AMD 900 Series chipsets will also be announced. These three announcements will be held on June 1st. Fast forward to the next week, and E3 2011 – AMD will announce the FX-Series brand and logo, alongwith the AM3+ platform – on June 7th. 

These announcements will be shortly followed by the Asia release of the Sabine platform (A-Series for notebooks), around the same time as the AMD Fusion Developer Summit. Llano will be formally announced for the rest of the world on June 14th at AMD's 2011 Client Launch Event. Both the Sabine (notebook) and Lynx (desktop) platforms for A-Series will be announced. Finally, the the worldwide release of the Sabine platform will take place two weeks after the Asia release – on 26th June. 

Judging by AMD's hectic schedule for June, the FX-Series and Lynx platform (A-Series for desktops) will release sometime in July. 

After several years of anticipation, Fusion and Bulldozer are finally about to release in the next 2 months. June and July will undoubtedly be two of the most important months in AMD's history. 

Source: DonanimHaber