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Report: AMD E-Series refresh in Q3 2011

AMD is reportedly planning to refresh the E-Series Zacate line-up in Q3 2011, according to Xbitlabs. A slight boost in clock speed will be complemented by introduction of AMD Turbo Core and DDR3-1333 to Zacate APUs and a second dual-core APU. The two new APUs will be branded E-450 and E-300. E-450 geatures a minor 50 MHz boost to 1.65 GHz, while a new HD 6320 integrated GPU is featured with a clock speed of upto 600 MHz. The E-450 APU will support DDR3-1333, up from the 1066 MHz of E-350. A new dual-core E-300 will bridge the gap between single core E-240 and dual core E-350, with a clock speed of 1.30 GHz. It will feature the same GPU component as the E-350 and E-240 – HD 6310 and will continue to support up to 1066 MHz. However, E-300 will feature Turbo Core unlike the current E-240 and E-350. Both E-450 and E-300 will continue to be part of the FT1 platform, fabricated at 40nm Bulk, and feature a TDP of 18W. 

In addition to the new E-300 and E-450, AMD is also planning to release a Llano E-series APU. Based on the dual-core Llano design, the AMD E2-3250 will feature 2 Llano CPU cores at an unknown clock speed. The GPU component of the APU will be a Radeon HD 6370, featuring 160 SP – twice that of Zacate. E2-3250 will support 1600 MHz DDR3. While the TDP at this initial stage is listed at 65W, it will certainly be lower at release – otherwise it will be a regular A-series APU. The E2-3250 is expected to offer much superior performance to the Zacate APUs. 

The plans for refreshing C-Series (Ontario) APUs weren't mentioend. 

Following this refresh, the next-gen 28nm APUs will be released in 2012, codenamed Wichita (E-series) and Krishna (C-series). 

Source: Xbitlabs

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