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Replace the cameraman with Always Innovating’s $50 MeCam UAV

Personal spy gadgets have always been somewhat of a niche market, as the toys are not always easy to come by—not to mention a little pricey at times.  However, a tech firm by the name of Always Innovating is trying to deliver a small unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) for just $50.

The MeCam UAV is a tiny quad-rotor gadget that has an ARM Cortex A9 in the cockpit, 1 GB of RAM, an SD card slot, and Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity to receive commands.  Conceptually, the MeCam UAV will have the ability to stream videos to a desired device as it hovers above or around a person.  Voice command, via a paired connection with an iOS or Android device, will elevate the MeCam UAV up and down, but as a person moves it will follow automatically. 

Two Linux-based algorithms and 14 real-time sensors will provide the instructions and eyes necessary to keep the personal UAV from crashing.  A video algorithm will help to keep video feeds nice and smooth, and a sound filter will aid in drowning out the sound of the squealing motors.

Always Innovating is not planning on manufacturing the device itself, but rather it is hoping that the MeCam UAV will garner enough attention that eventually the company can license out the technology to partnering firms.

Via liliputing

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