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Remove 98 bloatware apps from your Galaxy S4 using ‘TrulyClean’ script

XDA member schoolsux has written a script, called ‘TrulyClean’ which removes as much as 98 bloatware apps from your Galaxy S4, cleaning up your app drawer down to the essentials.

Samsung Galaxy S4

Tired of scrolling through nearly a hundred pre-installed apps on your newly purchased Galaxy S4, especially when you won’t be using any single one of them? Well, XDA member schoolsux has come up with a solution for that. With his ‘TrulyClean’ script, owners of the Galaxy S4 (i9500 and i9505 both) can remove as many as 98 apps (as much as 600 MB) from their Smartphone, considered bloatware, cleaning up the apps drawer and the tons of unnecessary apps which might actually be running in the background all the time.

TrulyClean Galaxy S4 bloatware removal

To run the script, you need to have a rooted phone running on the stock Samsung Galaxy S4 ROM, or a custom ROM based on the original stock ROM (not for AOSP, CM, AOKP, etc.). Apps such as Gmail, Google+, S Voice, Samsung Hub and many others get the kick once you run the script, which is as simple as placing the zip file in your internal storage and flashing it via recovery (CWM, TWRP).

Galaxy S4 TrulyClean bloatware removal script

Interested in trimming down some 600 MB of fat? Hit the source link to be redirected to the original thread on the XDA-Developers Forum.

Source: XDA-Developers Forum, via XDA-Developers

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