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Release of Internet Explorer 9 for Japan delayed due to earthquake

If you make use of Microsoft's Internet Explorer as your primary web browser for the daily Internet surfing needs, chances are that you will have already made the jump to Internet Explorer 9 in order to take advantage of the various new features IE9 has to offer. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of IE users and fans in Japan, as Microsoft Japan has decided to delay the browser's release date in light of the recent disaster that rocked the country a few weeks ago.

Barely a couple of months ago, the mere mention of the words 'Internet Explorer' is more than enough to trigger wave after wave of criticism about Microsoft's ageing web browser, for rather obvious reasons. After all, it cannot be denied that Internet Explorer has been known to not only be a resource hog, but also as a security nightmare due to various security holes and its use of ActiveX. And to top that off, IE is also often ridiculed as the slowest browser currently in use, a trait which is not exactly the most forgiveable considering how every second matters in the digital world we live in today.

However, much of that changed with the introduction of Internet Explorer 9, with many media organizations giving Microsoft's new browser favourable reviews, especially in areas where performance and support for web standards are concerned. Unfortunately, it seems that Microsoft's plans to encourage the adoption of Internet Explorer 9 has hit a snag in crisis-hit Japan.

According to a news report, Microsoft has confirmed that the launch of Internet Explorer 9 in Japan will be delayed in order to assist the country's recovery efforts. The browser, which was originally slated for a March 15 launch, will now be postponed to April 26: this delay will reportedly help to reduce additional burden on Japan's quake-damaged network infrastructure. This means that Japanese users will not be able to obtain official builds of Internet Explorer 9 either via direct downloading of the installer binaries or through Windows Update until the aforementioned date.

Alternatively, you can play the role of the good friend and assist your Japanese friends by sending them your downloaded binary of Internet Explorer 9. Of course, you'd want to make sure that they are using of the English version of Vista or Windows 7; we don't want to add to their burden by wrecking their Windows installation now, do we?

Source: ITmedia

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