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Redbox talks about used games on next-gen consoles

Redbox is known for their range of media rental services and their kiosks are found in malls next to idly standing indecisive people. Redbox is concerned with the ambiguous used games policies on the next generation of consoles and how it will affect their business, but instead of just whinging and moaning and letting things happen, they did the smart thing and opened a dialogue between themselves, their consumers, console makers and video game developers.


GamingFuture is a site set up by Redbox to promote discussion and developing dialogues on the future of next-generation rentals. The site encourages users to discuss their concerns about the new consoles and their used games policies. The site was created only a few days after Microsoft announced that game rentals would not be supported with the  Xbox One. This would tie into the possibility of the used game sale market being depleted depending on the personal policies of game publishers.

The site is a positive reminder that these kind of policies don’t just effect consumers, but also independent businesses and retailers. The site reads that “The future of video games is being decided this week, as amazing new game consoles are beginning to be unveiled.” Redbox referring to E3 and how they are aware it could shake up their business model, Redbox meantions the features of the Xbox One and PS4, such as “enhanced graphics, enhanced motion control, cloud-based storage, new games and experiences” but Redbox notes “you might not be able to play without an Internet connection, lend games freely, buy used games or rent games.”

With more than 4700 comments and constant media coverage, the site will hopefully gain the attention of video game publishers,  Sony and Microsoft. Several commenters have taken to criticize and critique the tech companies, but also Redbox’s service to help further the discussion. One user states, they’re a real “hard core gamer”  and “haven’t rented any games from Redbox only because they are only one day rentals” but hopes their service will extend to 2-3 days. I’m glad there’s a lack of censorship on the site and really hope they make a change in the industry and show how opposed people are against their future policies.

via Polygon

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