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Ready at Dawn sheds light on their newly announced IP The Order: 1886

The Order

If you’re not familiar with The Order: 1886 yet, be sure to check out the game’s official announcement trailer below. Overall the game has a very authentic stylish flair that incorporates traditional steampunk elements while introducing its own spin, painting a quite interesting picture of an industrial age in an alternate reality.

Set in Britain, the characters wield heavy firearms made of brass and steel, further establishing that industrial era sentiment. In the trailer, the team of three main characters make their way down the cobblestone streets of London in a stagecoach led by horses, passing through the gates of Whitechapel.

Soon their stagecoach is overturned, and they are faced with mysterious monstrosities that swarm in the fog–but our team is ready, wielding their olden firearms: pistols, shotguns, even a mini-turret that peppers gunfire through the streets. Oh and they even have incendiary grenade launchers and a quite snazzy gun that shoots bolts of electricity.

The Order 1

The franchise’s emphasis on the industrial-age style makes The Order: 1886 one of the more original and visually attractive titles of E3, and it will be interesting to see how Ready at Dawn takes advantage of the game’s potential.

Interestingly enough, the quote at the beginning was taken right from Sir Thomas Malory’s “The Death of King Arthur”, and in the trailer one of the “knights” is called Galahad. Perhaps this is a more industrial-age version of the Arthurian legend, and if so, the studio has definitely tapped into something magical.

The Order: 1886 is currently in development for Sony’s next-gen PlayStation 4 console, and has yet to receive a release date. We’ll keep you updated as more information comes to light, but until then be sure to visit the game’s official website.

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