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Razer Switchblade concept will be powered by 1.7GHz Intel Z690 Atom processor

Razer SwitchBlade

The Razer Switchblade, a prototype ultraportable gaming notebook PC that was unveiled at CES earlier this year, claims to be the world's first device to incorporate Intel's latest 1.7GHz Z690 Atom processor for better performance in running 3D games.

Razer is showcasing their Razer Switchblade concept ultraportable gaming device running some of the most popular video games of today. The gaming peripheral company is working together with Intel, and the Razer Switchblade concept claims to be the world’s first device to use the 1.7GHz Intel Atom processor Z690. This iteration of the Intel Atom processor is capable of running games at a higher level of performance with its faster clock speed; a 13 percent boost over previous models.

Razer has also already announced key Chinese independent software vendors such as Tencent and ChangYou who have pledged to support game optimization for the Switchblade User Interface.

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