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Razer Mamba 2012 Review – Wireless Gaming Bliss


The shape of the Mamba is similar to its the ubiquitous Deathadder sibling, only that it has additional rubber coated cut-outs near the base of the mouse (and wireless functionality). The top of  the mouse is coated with rubber for maximum grip.

There are 7-programmable Hyperesponse buttons which have a solid tactile feel to them.  

The scroll wheel looks like it was inspired by the movie "TRON" – glow from the side of the scroll looks really classic and chic at the same time.

In the battery compartment, Razer have implemented a pull tab for battery replacement.

Bling Factor

In the psychedelic department, users now have a choice of 48 colours to choose from, or have it running in spectrum cycling mode.

The software also allows you to select 3 levels of brightness (dim, normal and bright) and switch the lights off to prolong the battery life.

At the corner of the Mamba, there is a LED indicator for information about battery life and DPI-stage. It's puzzling why Razer would leave out the backlit Razer logo from the Mamba, when it is pretty much a hallmark of Razer products.

A feature we liked is the dock lighting is always in sync with the Mamba even with spectrum cycle running. The dock is itself is an art piece, transforming your once boring desktop into a cool and chic machine which will an interesting topic among friends and relatives when they come over.

Tethered (Wired) Mode

Professional gamers can use the Mamba as a wired mouse by simply connecting the beautiful-crafted Mini-USB adapter. The mouse has an excellent auto-locking mechanism which prevents unfortunate disconnections while in use.


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