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Razer Lachesis – Mousey Insanity?

Software Settings

The usual suspects and more greet you in the first screen.

Set buttons to load pre-set DPI settings (Blue) and turn off the lights if they bother you (Red).

Once the software and drivers are installed, you will find the capability to adjust what each of the 9 buttons do and more. Users can easily adjust the USB polling rate without resorting to registry hacks, the sensitivity (both Windows and mouse sensor) and acceleration from the first screen as well. Remember those two buttons on the top of the mouse? Well, you can actually set them to give you fixed DPI settings rather than to mindlessly reduce/ increment DPI. This can be manually set in 150DPI intervals via the small grey arrows at the bottom left. If your workstation is also your gaming rig, this can be a godsend. Press one button to set a lower DPI setting for use in applications, press the other for that extra edge when you’re gaming. Should you sleep in the same room as your computer, you will be glad to note that Razer has included the option to turn off the scrollwheel light and/ or the Logo backlight so that it will not bother you.


Up to 5 profiles can be saved in the Synapse memory.

For each button, there is a drop-down box to assign functions to the button; select “Advance Function” and a panel pops out on the right allowing you to choose “Single Key” or “Macro”. The former is self-explanatory whilst the latter makes things much more interesting. Macros are basically scripted keystrokes in sequence that run when the selected button is depressed. Razer has even included the ability to insert a 50ms delay as and when required. You no longer need to be Dr. Octopus to lay down those combo-moves in games once you have programmed the keys on the mouse. Take note that most professional competitions do not allow macro functions to be used. For online gaming however, all is fair play. Go ahead, program that Dota finishing move on one of the buttons and start pwning someone’s ass. Well, some of us play more than one game, so where does that leave us?  Pretty much safe in fact. Razer’s onboard Synapse memory allows for up to 5 sets of settings to be stored and retrieved easily.

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