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Razer Diamondback Plasma Limited Edition

With this mouse, it’s all about gaming. Be it physical size, technology,
customizations, the Razer Diamondback has all of these aspects done right. We compared
a bunch of mice,and gained a deeper insight into why the Razer Diamondback is
worth all the hype and attention:

A comparison of sizes. On the left, the older Razer Viper, and on the right,
the Logitech MX 300. The Diamondback in the center is the largest of the three.


A front shot of the three mice. The Razer Diamondback is the largest in
terms of button size. Complete with rubber non slip buttons (like the older
Viper brother), it’s great for gamers during an intense battle.


Here’s how a typical Asian hand would fit on the Diamondback. Due to its
large buttons, users with bigger hands would find the mouse fitting their hands
well too.



Nice contours on the two main buttons would fit perfectly for most hands.


Of course the ergonomics are not the only wow factor for this mouse. Other
features like extra side buttons, cool blue lighted scroll wheel, non-slip
Teflon mouse feet were also well designed to fit the appetite of the most
serious gamers:


A close up of the front slick Teflon mouse feet. These feet are really smooth
when used on gaming mouse pads like the eXactMat, also from Razer. So smooth
that with only a slight tilt on the mouse pad, the mouse would slip off…


A larger single foot is used for the lower portion of the mouse.


The DiamondBack has 4 of such side buttons, 2 on each side. Such side
buttons are pretty useful, as they are fully configurable using the supplied
Razer software. However, the only complaint would be the stiffness of the
buttons. Partly due to their placement, these buttons are pretty hard to press
down, especially during intense gun battles.


A large brightly-lit scroll wheel on the Diamondback Plasma LE. This is no
doubt the highlight of this mouse. Built with precise engineering, the scroll
is not to tight, nor too slippery. Low in noise while in operation also! What
more can you ask for?






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