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Razer Diamondback Plasma Limited Edition

As fearsome as the mouse looks, the specification list for this top-of-the-line
gaming mouse is no less then impressive. In fact, it’s so good that, a casual
gamer like me would term it as "perfect".

The front of the mouse in its packaging.


The rear of the packaging with some quick specifications and features of the


The impressive looking box houses the simple contents: the Razer Diamondback
Plasma LE mouse, a Driver disc containing all the necessary software, and also
the Razer Diamondback Lan-Pack soft carrying case, for protection during
storage and transport.


Here’s a close up of this interesting looking case, which Razer calls the


 Carefully engineered, the Diamondback Plasma LE fits perfectly into
the "Lan-Pack".




Here’s some quick specifications on the Razer Diamondback Plasma LE:

• Infrared Engine Powered by Razer Precision
• Increased tracking capabilities on dark mousing surfaces
• 1600 dpi, twice that of conventional high performance sensors for increased
precision accuracy and tracking ability
• Ultra-High Speed motion detection, up to 40ips and 15g, for either low or
high-sensitivity players
• Frame rate over 6400 frames per second (5.8 mega pixels per second)
• 16-bit data path, as compared to 8 bit and 12 bit data paths used by other
conventional mice; the Razer Diamondback will be running on an unprecedented and        
unparalleled 16-bit data pipe
• Always On Mode – the optical sensor never powers down – provides instantaneous
response at all times during game play
• Award winning Razer drivers featuring On-the-Fly sensitivity adjustment and
many advanced settings
• Buttons – 7 physical buttons optimized for gaming response and all
independently programmable
• Gold plated USB connector for maximum conductivity
• Ultra large non-slip mouse buttons, tactile response design, rubberized for
sure grip
• Non-slip side rails and ergonomic ambidextrous design
• Zero acoustic Ultra-Slick™ Teflon feet for friction-free motion over any
• 7-foot ultra-thin, lightweight, non-tangle cord

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