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Razer Copperhead Gaming Mouse

Razer has been enjoying a very fast growing popularity among the gamers, making high quality gaming mice and mouse pads. Today, VR-Zone takes a look at the latest from Razer, the Razer Copperhead. With various special features, have a look to see why this mouse is made to be different from others.

Just recently, we got our hands on Razer’s top end model, the Razer
DiamondBack Plasma LE. While that mouse featured a cool blue look, this new generation of mice from Razer packs more than a new look. Today, VR-Zone
takes a look at their flagship model, the Razer Copperhead.

This Copperhead has some pretty impressive specs. With
features such as a 2000 dots per inch (dpi) sensor, onboard 32K non-volatile
memory, a sleek blue design, this mouse is definitely geared
for serious gamers who wants no compromise in their gaming hardware.

VR-Zone had the chance to attend the launch for this new product. Launched on
the 4th of August, tne party was thrown at one of the hottest clubs in
Singapore, Club Momo. This was in conjunction with Razer’s participation in World Cyber
Games 2004 Grand Finals and party emphasized both the new Copperhead and the dedication Razer has for gamers and WCG.



Mr Robert, or better known as RazerGuy, the Chairman of Razer,
was at the launch to answer questions and to talk about Copperhead.



Mr Chenn Ann, or better known as Razer Guru, the CEO of Razer,
was also present at the launch.


Mr Chenn Ann at the gaming stands, demonstrating the various
functions on the Razer Copperhead via the Razer Configurator software.


Of course, attendees of this party were able to get a first
hand experience of this sophisticated mouse on the gaming stands. Games such as
Doom III were put up to allow attendees to feel the smoothness of the

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