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Razer @ CES 2012: A Dalliance with the Project Fiona Concept PC Gaming Tablet

Razer's larger than life and Singapore-born CEO Min-Liang Tan, with his company's latest salvo – the Project Fiona Concept Gaming Tablet

'Project Fiona' is a fully functional gaming tablet with a 10.1 inch 1280×800 touchscreen, flanked by nunchucks style controllers.


Rear View – Powered by an Intel 'Ivy Bridge' Core i7 processor and an undisclosed Nvidia GPU (we hope Kepler GK104), 'Project Fiona' also has magnetometers, accelerometers, 3-axis gyroscope, force feedback and runs the soon to be released Windows 8.


Min was keen to emphasize that the device was not just for Angry Birds like on conventional tablets, but has full fletched processing and graphics capabilities to handle modern DX11 PC Games


Solid Proof:

Min emphasized that Razer will continue to take risks and push the boundaries of what is possible within the laws of physics in their unrelenting quest to save PC Gaming, which is gradually moving backwards no thanks to 'shoddy console ports' and a conservative ecosystem. He also hopes to ship the polished derivative of the concept at a much more palatable <US$999 price point, making it more accessible the masses, some time later this year.

We also discussed at lengths about the design and business decisions behind the rather pricey and exclusive Blade gaming laptop, which we both agreed was a step into unchartered territory just like the Razer innovations and products of yesteryears like the original Boomslang that spawned a whole new generation of gaming mices.


Stay tuned for our upcoming no holds barred review of the Razer Blade 17-inch Gaming Laptop (he promised)!

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