Think that Windows is the only operating system that can make the best use out of sophisticated gaming keyboards, such as Razer's BlackWidow and Anansi? Well, think again: the American computer peripherals manufacturer has just announced the availability of both the aforementioned gaming keyboards in the standard Mac keyboard layout which it clsims are capable of "offering the same competitive edge for Mac gamers as their PC brethren".

Keyboards are all the same, regardless of the OS that they are connected to, right? Well, tell that to the large numbers of Mac fans out there, many of whom will gladly start a fierce debate about seemingly unlimited advantages the Mac keyboard layout has over its Windows counterpart. And if you happen to be a Mac gamer, this latest bit of news will most probably make your day, for Razer has announced that it will be bringing its BlackWidow, BlackWidow Ultimate and Anansi gaming keyboards over to users of the world's second most popular operating system, Mac OS X, complete with support for the standard Mac key layout.

Razer BlackWidow: Mac Edition

The Razer BlackWidow: Mac Edition’s sports the use of mechanical switches which, according to the company, "provides a distinctive tactile feedback that simulates the experience and precision of performing a mouse click", thus "giving gamers an entirely new keyboard feel". In addition, Razer claims that the BlackWidow: Mac Edition also boasts an "ultra robust construction, fully programmable keys, 5 additional macro keys, and on-the-fly macro recording", features which reportedly "make the BlackWidow: Mac Edition a fully equipped and revolutionary gaming keyboard".

The Razer BlackWidow: Mac Edition gaming keyboard is currently available for sale globally at the price of US$79.99.

Razer BlackWidow Ultimate: Mac Edition

The quintessential "big brother" to the Razer BlackWidow, the BlackWidow Ultimate: Mac Edition boasts a couple of added features not found on the BlackWidow, such as having individual backlit, illuminated keys, as well as the availability of media and USB passthrough jacks

The Razer BlackWidow Ultimate: Mac Edition gaming keyboard is currently available for sale globally at the price of US$129.99.

Razer Anansi: Mac Edition

Said to be designed with the MMO gamer in mind, the Razer Anansi: Mac Edition gaming keyboard allows gamers to "execute seven times more commands instantly compared to a standard keyboard" thanks to the seven thumb modifier keys located below the space bar. In addition, the Razer Anasi: Mac Edition gaming keyboard boasts over 100 programmable keys and five additional gaming keys that allow gamers to "further expand their repertoire of boss-killing abilities and macros, providing total control with convenient and instantaneous command executions".

The Razer Anansi: Mac Edition gaming keyboard is currently available for sale globally at the price of US$99.99.