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Q1 2014 to bring four new Samsung tabs to light, ranging from low to high-end

Samsung never sleeps, that much we’ve always known about the Android kings, and the first three months of 2014 shall prove it once again, as the Koreans are rumored to unveil four, count’em four new tablets.

Samsung tablets

Mind you, this story is to be filed under unsubstantiated gossip for now and taken with the proverbial grain of salt, however it rings true and comes from a usually rock-solid source: Sam Mobile.

Assuming the rumors are legit, the million-dollar question is what exactly Samsung has up its sleeve for Q1 2014. First suspect, the Galaxy Tab 3 Lite, whose existence is nearly set in stone following recent reports.

The 7-inch Tab 3 Lite will sit lowest on the company’s slate totem pole, with specs similar to those of the standard Galaxy Tab 3 7.0, yet its appeal shouldn’t be underestimated, as pricing could hit a new low, at $100 or so.

Next up, the Super AMOLED-toting high-end Galaxy Tab 4. Likely to be unveiled at February’s MWC rather than January’s CES, this bad boy is still covered in a thick cloak of mystery, having no specs revealed as of now aside from the display technology.


Then there’s the highly anticipated and long overdue Galaxy Note 12.2, which Samsung may want to roll out as soon as possible to fend off the iPad Pro threat. Hence, a CES intro is definitely in the cards, succeeded by a commercial launch the same month or February at the latest.

And finally, a Windows/Android dual-booting transforming device with a screen measuring north of 13 inches. Either part of the ATIV family, or the start of a whole new line of convertibles. This is actually the prediction I feel most insecure about, not that I doubt Samsung is working on it, but because the market for hybrids of the nature looks, well, minuscule.

So which of the four suspects do you guys (and gals) reckon will indeed break cover between January and March 2014? Any other potential candidates that come to mind? We’re all ears.

Source: Sam Mobile

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