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Purported Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime/Galaxy F strikes a pose, visits FCC

As much as Samsung would like to deny its very existence, there’s almost no doubt anymore a premium variation of the Galaxy S5 is real, looming on the horizon, posing for photo shoots and earning the necessary regulatory approvals to materialize.

Galaxy F FCC

The same source that produced the first set of semi-credible Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime pics is back with a couple of extra photographs, this time allegedly snapped outdoors and showcasing the slim-bezeled beast both from the front and behind.

The first thing you’ll notice is the ultra-high-end handheld, which some insiders claim is called Galaxy F, no longer sports a perforated rear cover. Instead, the posterior is now cleaner, more elegant, although we’re not so sure it’s entirely made of solid metal anymore. It may well be “faux plastic” made to resemble aluminum. You know, via the so-called brushed metal effect.

Either way, the previous images and this latest visual leak can’t both pan out. Based on my gut, I’d say the fresher pictures look more believable, albeit there’s clearly a strong possibility none of the info spills prove to be legit.

After all, rumor is the S5 Prime, Galaxy F, or whatever, will see daylight in September, August at the earliest, to fend off the iPhone 6 threat. And Samsung has lately kept a pretty tight lid on covert intel until fairly close to high-profile product announcements like this.

Galaxy S5 Prime

On the other hand, if the launch is so far down the line, why is Sammy seeking FCC’s blessing already? All three Korean-destined versions, SM-G906S, SM-G906K and SM-G906L, have been certified by the federal agency, ensuring the safe travel of any future GS5 owner.

The phones naturally offer 4G LTE support on Korean-specific bands (5 and 17), and are just as long and wide as the standard GS5: 142 and 72.5 mm respectively.

Expected to up the screen resolution ante to 2,560 x 1,440 pixels, processing power to quad-core Snapdragon 805 and RAM to 3 gigs, the mighty Android will reportedly resist contact against water and dust and add optical image stabilization to the 16 MP rear-facing camera. How excited are you about this thing on a scale from one to iPhone 6?

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