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Purported Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime pics show off a standard S5 in a metal frame

The first semi-credible live photos starring the yet to be announced Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime have cropped up online, flaunting what looks like a shinier basic GS5 with the same perforated back cover.

Samsung Galaxy S5

Sammy definitely gets an A for effort, but sooner or later, their no doubt imminent Galaxy S5 Prime was poised to rear its head and show its face on the interwebs. And what better timing than mere hours after LG’s G3 likely stopped being an aesthetical question mark once and for all?

The two upcoming high-end smartphones seem to share certain metallic design elements, though neither is confirmed to sport an all-aluminum chassis. Bizarrely, the S5 Prime pictured today could easily be mistaken for a standard flavor by untrained eyes, clearly surrounding the screen with superior, sturdier build materials, but rocking an overly familiar rear.


Wait, wait, wait, is Samsung really considering adding, like, 5 percent metal to S5’s plastic exterior and branding the resulting product as a “Premium” slab? If so, they’re probably making a bigger mistake than when they rolled out the polycarbonate, Full HD Galaxy S5 in the first place.

Speaking of which, the latest batch of S5 Prime images comes with no insight on specs, so right now, our best guess still calls for a screen resolution bump to Quad HD, RAM upgrade to 3 gigs and, possibly, the replacing of the on-board Snapdragon 801 chip with a slightly punchier S805.


Back to aesthetics, let’s mention the USB port lid and rear camera shelter have been subtly redesigned, helping the S5 Prime a little in earning its own identity and, more importantly, lending credence to the aforementioned “leak”.

Sure, it’s possible we’re looking at a hoax, but I just don’t see anyone going through so much trouble in Photoshop to tweak tiny details like how the camera and heart rate monitor cross paths. Right?

Source: Phone Arena

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