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Purported iPhone Lite rear shell compared with iPhone 5

New pictures have emerged of a purported real shell of Apple’s much rumored low cost iPhone, dubbed iPhone Lite. The shell has been compared to an iPhone 5..


Over the past few weeks there have been a string of leaks related to the low cost iPhone. Apple is expected to announce this device alongside the iPhone 5S this September. Already purported specifications as well as various internal and external components have been leaked, but it is too soon to confirm the authenticity of all of these leaks as no official announcement has been made as yet by the company.


This latest leaked purported rear shell of the iPhone Lite is similar to back panels that have previously surfaced online. The screw hole layouts of these components suggest that logic boards on both, the iPhone Lite and iPhone 5S, could be very similar. The comparison with iPhone 5 gives us a hint of how this smartphone will stack up against its premium sibling, which contains expensive materials such as aluminium and a glass back, whereas the iPhone Lite does away with these materials so as to drive down costs.


Given the sheer volume of these leaks, it is widely believed that a low cost iPhone is definitely going to be released in the near future. However, one can’t really be sure with Apple until it makes an official announcement. For all we know, these components could belong to a prototype. Both iPhone 5S and the iPhone Lite are expected to be unveiled together in September.

Source: [Macrumors]

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