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Purported iPad mini 2 housing leaks

A purported housing of Apple’s next generation iPad mini has leaked. The housing doesn’t show off any design changes, which doesn’t come as a surprise, since Apple isn’t expected to make any design changes to the iPad mini 2.


Earlier this year Apple CEO Tim Cook had said that the company’s new products will come after September. He’s kept to his word. Both new iPhones are expected to be unveiled next month, whereas the next generation full fledged iPad and iPad mini 2 are expected to be released around the holiday season. Over the next couple of months we’ll get to see a lot of exciting products come out of Cupertino, the iPad mini 2 is certainly one of them.

There has been a lot of debate about the iPad mini 2. Some are of the view that it will come with a Retina display, while others believe that Apple won’t opt for a Retina display this time around. There’s no concrete evidence available as yet which confirms what sort of a display the upcoming tablet will tout. This particular housing doesn’t come with a display on top, its merely the aluminum structure of the unassembled tablet.


The internal hardware of iPad mini 2 will definitely receive a refresh, even if the display is not bumped up. A faster processor, more RAM, better cameras and improved battery life are expected. Both new iPads are rumored to release around the holiday season. Pictures of this housing have been leaked by Sonny Dickson, who has recently been involved in a string of leaks related to the next generation iPhone and iPhone 5C.

Source: Sonny Dickson

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