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PSU Review – Xigmatek NRP-MC802

The interior of the NRP-MC802 is a little cramped, with a lot of glue securing everything tightly into place. The heatsinks are simplistic and appear to be very small for a unit with that kind of output; it would appear that Xigmatek places a lot of faith on the high efficiency of their unit. The OEM of this power supply is HEC (Compucase), a rather popular designer among enthusiasts.

The filtering stage of the unit starts at the back of the AC plug and consists of four Y-type capacitors, three X-type capacitors and two ferrite coils. There is something strange about the filtering stage however; we were able to locate two surge suppressing MOVs! Most manufacturers hardly install one MOV and the NRP-MC802 comes with two.

The primary rectifier is mounted on a large heatsink block along with the APFC components. One Nippon Chemi-Con 470V/420μF capacitor can be seen at the primary side of the power supply. Most of the secondary side capacitors are made by Teapo but a few SysCon capacitors are also present. The manufacturing and soldering quality are excellent but we feel that the soldering job on the smaller PCBs has room for improvement.

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