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PSU Review – Corsair TX850 V2

The chassis of the TX850 V2 unit is painted matte black and there are few but noteworthy aesthetic differences from the first version of the unit. Corsair ditched the striking yellow stickers which were placed at both sides of the unit and replaced them with much more subtle stickers featuring the series and company logos. The chassis also forms a frame around the stickers, creating a much higher quality visual effect.

The sticker with the unit's electrical specifications can still be found at the top of the chassis and there is no frame surrounding it, which is understandable as it will not be visible at all inside most cases.

The rear is entirely perforated to allow for the air pushed by the cooling fan to escape towards the outside of the case. The unit uses a standard AC power cable and there is a standard rocker on/off switch at the rear, as well as another small sticker with the company and series logos. Nothing of interest can be found at the front of the chassis as this is not a modular unit. This unit offers the following number of connectors:


Native cables

24-pin ATX connector

1 x 4+4 pin 12V CPU connector

4 x 6+2 pin 12V PCIe connectors

8 x SATA connectors

8 x Molex connectors

2 x Floppy connector

The Corsair TX850 V2 is still cooled by the same 140mm fan which could be found inside the original TX series units. The fan is made by Yate Loon, a Taiwanese electronics manufacturer, and it is a ball bearing fan with a maximum rotational speed of 2800RPM. A thin plastic sheet is covering about 20% of the fan's surface, which Corsair probably installed in an attempt to direct the airflow in a more efficient way.

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