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PSU Review – Corsair AX1200 1200W 80Plus Gold

The AX1200 is painted with a matte black paint which is not showy but it also does not get dirty easily. Its chassis is longer than what the ATX standard dictates, being a little over than 20cm in length.

Corsair likes placing decorative stickers with the unit’s model and the company logo at their sides of their power supplies and the AX1200 is no exception; thankfully they did not choose a striking color this time, the stickers of the AX1200 are black.

The sticker with the unit's electrical specifications and approvals can be found at the top side of the unit.

The rear is entirely perforated to allow for the air pushed by the cooling fan to escape towards the outside of the case. The unit uses a standard AC power cable and there is an oversized rocker on/off switch at the rear.

At the front we can see the numerous connectors for the modular cables; as a matter of fact, connectors for the modular cables are all which can see. There are no native cables at all and only tiny labels are printed to indicate what each set of connectors is for This unit offers the following number of connectors:


Modular cables

24-pin ATX connector

2 x 4+4 pin 12V CPU connector

6 x 6+2 pin 12V PCIe connectors

16 x SATA connectors

12 x Molex connectors

2 x Floppy connector


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