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PS4’s are already starting to sell out in the UK

Although the PS4 launched just yesterday in the UK, suppliers have revealed that they are running out of consoles due to high demand.

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Sony’s next-gen contender the PlayStation 4 was released yesterday across all of Europe, and countless gamers waited overnight in long, winding lines to receive their bounty. Sony attended some of the launch parties, putting together crafty events for players to enjoy while they waited.

After the supply of consoles was chipped away by pre-order recipients and the mad-dash for PS4’s by midnight-launch attendees,some retailers have already reported that their stock has been completely depleted.

A Sony spokesperson had the following to say about the situation in the UK:

“We are starting to sell out – very rapidly but [we] will continue to work with all parts of the supply chain including our partners at retail to get more, as and when we can.”

In light of the “unprecedented demand”, Sony is setting up a stock-tracker website to help customers who have yet to pick up a console and want to do so before the holidays.

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Those who opted not to wait in line or reserve their consoles before the cut-off date in August may have to wait quite a bit until new stock to come in. Additionally Amazon UK has revealed that customers who pre-ordered their PS4 after Nov. 13 won’t receive their consoles before Christmas–a bit of unsettling news that may ruin more than a few Christmases.

No word yet as to how long gamers may have to wait until stock is replenished, but it may take a few months. If you’re one of the many consumers looking to pick up a PS4, be sure to scout the internet and do daily checks at your local gaming retailers.

Many times retailers have extra stock from unsold pre-orders, and sometimes you can pick one up that way…but it’s always an unsure gamble.

Also it wouldn’t hurt to hit up the PS4 Reddit and ask users there for info, or even NeoGAF. Fellow gamers, especially across forums and social media, often help one another out, and you may be pleasantly surprised that their info is right on the mark.

Upon its launch in the US, Sony’s PS4 has garnered more than a million unit sales. It will be interesting to see the global sales once the data is correlated, especially in light of the high demand.

Via BBC News

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