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PS4 will have no region lock, hard drive can be replaced

Sony caught the attention of the gaming world today with their E3 conference. The console was finally shown off and Sony delivered what truly matters to gamers: the games. The games took centre stage as we saw title after title announced and with it came a powerful gaming machine that doesn’t need to always be online and will be able to play used games. The console also comes with a 500 GB hard drive that can be swapped out and upgraded.


 Shortly after the press conference was over,  Shuhei Yoshida sent out this tweet:

Yoshida was on stage during the event to present the console and even confirmed shortly after the console will also be region free. This would mean gamers could play and purchase games internationally, regardless of where they or their PS4 were in the world. Sony confirmed today the PS4 will launch late this year for $399  USD, a whole hundred dollars less than their rival console.


Also a brand new ad for the console was released earlier today, simply titled Greatness Still Awaits.

The PS4 advert starts by showing a guy getting out of his recently crashed car in a slowly decaying street. He asks, “Who are you not to be great?” The cocky leather-clad profit continues his monologue as he begins to walk towards the camera. Soon hundreds are behind him, following him to a new destination. The  showing a man exiting a car in an initially deserted, war ravaged street and walking towards the camera. He’s soon joined by numerous followers heading to what the leaked marketing materials dubbed a “gamer’s paradise” featuring the likes of fantasy characters, pirates, dragons, demons, sports cars and characters from series such as Killzone and Assassin’s Creed.

The trailer definitely shows the influence and prowess of Sony’s upcoming console and I know many people are already clammering for it with pre-orders being taken worldwide.

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