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PS4 + PS Vita bundle spotted on Amazon France

A new listing on Amazon France gives more credence to Sony announcing a PS4/PS Vita bundle.

Ultimate PS4 PS Vita bundle

Given how much a PS Vita handheld can complement Sony’s PlayStation 4 console, a cost-effective bundle has been expected from the gaming community for some time. Gamers aren’t too eager about adopting the newly released PS Vita Slim for its $225 price tag (even with Borderlands 2 thrown in to boot), but a PS4 value bundle is quite attractive.

Now it appears that the wait may be over sooner than we thought.

Amazon France PS4 Bundle

A recent listing on Amazon France reveals a familiar PlayStation hardware bundle known as Ultimate Player Edition, which packs in a PlayStation 4 console with, you guessed it, a PS Vita.

According to the listing this bundle will be available in France starting July 4 with a 579.99 price tag–which converts to a staggering $789.31 in USD, but it’s important to remember MSRP will be balanced and adjusted accordingly.

Best Buy PS4 PS Vita bundle

A PS4+PS Vita bundle has also been spotted in a recent Best Buy ad, which lists the hardware duo on sale for $559.98 in North America. It’s unclear if this bundle is the Ultimate Player Edition or just an unofficial in-store promo

This isn’t the first time that Sony’s Ultimate Player Edition has hit the market: back in 2013’s holiday season UK retailer GAME was combining Vita’s and PS4’s together to deliver the complete Sony gaming experience.

Sony UK exec Fergal Gara caught wind of GAME’s efforts and started working with other retailers to offer what he called a “soft” bundle, but the campaign wasn’t widespread due to limited stock and store participation.

With E3 2014 mere days away, will Sony unveil a official discounted bundle to be distributed across the globe? A PS4+PS Vita bundle would be a great way to combat Microsoft’s $399 Kinect-less Xbox One, and it’ll be interesting to see what the Japanese console gaming giant has in store for us at E3.

Source: Amazon.fr, Twitter

Via: IGN

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