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PS4 games officially confirmed to be $59.99

Microsoft confirmed that their games would launch at prices of $59.99 and although no one really expected anything different, it’s always good to get confirmation.  This time it’s Sony’s turn.


We can officially state as of now that all pricing concerns can be put to bed now that Sony themselves have confirmed that their launch/launch window titles will sell at the familiar price of $59.99.  This comes a couple days after Microsoft confirmed the same, both to nobodies surprise.

With that said it’s important to note that the current generation did increase the prices of games over the previous ones so the concerns weren’t completely unfounded. However for an industry that has see better days, more expensive games would certainly set it back further despite any increase publishers might be facing with development budgets.

Of course this isn’t to say that some games won’t be priced higher in the future, and some won’t be priced lower. Both companies were speaking strictly about their first party launch titles, so until there is anything different to report we’ll consider this a win.

Via: IGN

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